FOREO LUNA™ Skincare Device

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Hey Ladies,

After many years of seeing raves upon raves about face cleaning devices I have not fallen into the hype. Although to many times I almost purchased one of the more popular devices, I couldn’t bring myself to spend a few hundreds. Then one day I simply settle for the $20 option available at Target or Walmart. The problem with the gadget is that it’s nearly impossible to find refills. Eventually I stopped using it because I wasn’t about to buy a new one, just for a brush.

Now that left me with using my fingers for cleaning, cleansing, and exfoliating until a few weeks ago. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the FOREO LUNA™ Skincare Device for combination skin. After nearly two months I have to admit it has become a favorite in my life, and don’t see myself without on.


What caught my attention the most is that I don’t have to keep on replacing a brush! How convenient and thoughtful is that? I’m already spending on buying the washes and moisturizers to have to worry about one more thing.

I tend to use it only at night as I don’t need it in the morning in my opinion. At night I want to make sure I remove all of the makeup I wore throughout the day. The way my skin can stay as clear as possible!


Within 2 minutes of using the FOREO LUNA™ both in the morning and night your skin will be naturally beautiful with a healthy glow. It also helps lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. All you have to do is grab your favorite cleanser and turn on the gadget. Then apply the reverse side to wrinkle-prone areas in lower frequency.


When I initially started using the gadget I couldn’t figure out the interfaces and thought it was to harsh. It took me a while to learn to move them around as you have to hold down for a few seconds on either the +/- . Once I was able to figure that out I decided the lowest setting was what worked for me best. Now I can’t keep myself from using it nightly. A perk I enjoy is that it’s waterproof and it claims to last up to 450 uses per full charge.


You can find the FOREO LUNA™ Skincare Device for $199 at selected stores or websites. The package contains LUNA, Charger, Travel Pouch, Warranty Registration Card, and Detailed Instruction Manual. You can find it for Sensitive/Normal skin, Combination skin and Ultra-Sensitive skin.

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