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Hey Ladies,

Ironically enough as I type this post regarding the U by Kotex® Security and CleanWear® Ultra Thin Pads with 3D Capture Core plus Xpress DRI, I had the monthly visit come through. It might be to much information to share with all of you but we are all ladies here. I find it needles to say that I started my fight to end senseless leaks and save the undies TODAY. There is nothing coming in the way of my weekend plans.



One of the things I detest the most about periods is having to worry about leaks or stains. In the past I have had plenty of leaks, and a few stains! For the days I’m going to be staying around the house I prefer sticking with pads, as I can change them easily with no effort. As for the times I’m going to be running errands I prefer using tampons as I feel much cleaner.



When I use to be younger I use to enjoy dressing in PJ’s the whole day when it was the time of the month. Now as I’ve gotten older I prefer being comfortable but put together. It helps me feel much better if I look good, and don’t feel good.

What do you normally do when the time of the month hits? I would love to know and take on from your tips as well. If you want to join in and be a Under Warrior like me, then go request your sample here.



What I’m Wearing:

Shorts – So

Top – Mudd

Purse – Danielle Nicole

Bracelet – OLD

Rings – H&M

Necklace – Express

Sandals – Kenneth Cole

Sunglasses – Juicy Couture



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