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Hey Ladies,

You might or might not know that I recently resume my fitness journey. To be more precise I came back from a 3 month break last Monday. During June, July, and August all I did to maintain my weight was watch what I ate. The main reason why I put a hold on fitness was because of the heat, there was no motivation in me to exercise. At the time all I was doing was running every morning at least 5X a week. Joining a gym wasn’t an option because one I was moving, and 2 I had just cancel 24 Hour Fitness.

In all honesty I feel I needed a break because I had never lasted so long in a fitness journey before. This time around I know it’s serious because even after 3 months I didn’t gain my weight back like I normally do. Instead I was able to shred of a few more pounds, which gave my an extra push of motivation. With that being said I decided to join a nearby gym, and the winner was Anytime Fitness. What sold me to joining was the amazing deal they were offering, I can never skip a good deal.

When I sign up I was offered a free personalized training program, and of course I took advantage of it. Let me tell you that probably was the first time anyone at a gym facility taught me how to use everything properly. I have gone to LA Fitness, Fitness 19, 24 Hour Fitness, and a Women’s Fitness Club and none have helped or taken the time to show how everything works. After the session they provided me with a folder of modified workouts to help me achieve my goals. I’m on week 2 and so far the workouts have being working amazing, and I couldn’t be happier.

Lastly I was contacted by 3S Fitness which offers training programs, meal plans, and unlimited support. You can probably guess that I also took advantage of this opportunity. I sign up earlier this week and within a day or so I received a personalized meal plan and training program. Although this is online training and coaching I can easily get a hold of my trainer. Also there is a video for every workout the way you will know how to do every single workout. I start my training today, and can’t wait to see how it goes. If this sounds like something you might be interested in you can use code BETZYFIT for a 50% OFF discount, bringing it down to $25 a month.

In the next coming weeks I will be doing a post with the products I’m using along this journey. Nothing is from the same brand if I remember correctly and I will included a few of my favorite proteins. Let me know what your interested in learning or knowing more about.

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