NYC Bronzer Review

Description :

Smooth skin bronzing face powder.

Where to Buy :

Any drugstore.

Price :


Shade :

Sunny 720A.

Review :
I bought this a while back when one of my favorite YT gurus rave about it in a few videos, i was like why not try it. But just like most of the stuff she raves about i didn’t like it as much, but at least this one was only $2. It is nice because it is matte with no shimmers but i prefer my rimmel bronzer with shimmers. I like bronzers that are in between matte and shimmery because they are the ones that give me the most glow. I am not into contouring the much but into looking glowy. Which might have to do with why i am not crazy about the bronzer. It does work amazing for counting though, it just has to do with what you want it for.
I will try my best to get swatches up by next weekend , along with the el palette swatches.