Fake Mac Brushes Review

Couple of years back i bought two set of “mac” brushes on ebay, they were no more then $10 each. Each set came with seven brushes, i thought it was such a great deal for mac brushes. What i didn’t know was that they were fake, not that i care!? However the brushes work alright, i still have eight brushes of the fourteen i originally had, I have lost and threw some away. I think they are an amazing kit for a starters who don’t really need expensive brushes, i still use my. I got rid of the face brushes within three months, the quality of their face brushes was the worst! But their eye brushes have lasted me such a long time.


Would i recommend? Yes, because you get seven brushes for less then $10, and the only one that doesn’t work is the powder/blush brush. I am also sure they have eye brush kits which would be a better buy.