Coastal Scents: Metal Mania Palette

Here goes my review on my 88 Metal Mania Palette by Coastal Scents, I have been using this palette ever since the day i received. So that i could do a review faster for you guys. I have created plenty of looks from this palette, i love most of the colors. Yes not all, since some of the shadows create a lot of fall off, which is a down side for me. Other then that this palette is awesome, Ill be using this palette this thanksgiving since it has plenty of fall greens and oranges. I cant compare this palette to the 88 warm palette since i don’t own the one yet, because i am planning on ordering it before the holidays. I think anyone who likes fun neutrals should consider purchasing this palette because its definitely worth the money. Also this palette will make a great Christmas present for any of the girls in your family who love makeup.

I rate this palette a 4 out of 5 simply because of some of the eye shadows been cheap, but its a minority of them. They still work awesome if primer is used before the shadow is applied.