5 Ways To Break The Routine With #MomentoNescafe

Break The Routine #MomentoNescafe
Break The Routine #MomentoNescafe

Hey Ladies,

I can hardly believe it’s already June, I mean we are half way through 2016! Time has flown by, and next thing you know it’s going to be Christmas. Since I realized how soon time if passing by I think it’s important to break from daily routine. Instead of focusing on what we normally do or what we should do, let’s enjoy the moment. In today’s post I want to share five ways to break the routine with #MomentoNescafe

Break The Routine #MomentoNescafe

5 Ways To Break The Routine

1 – If you don’t step away, life will continue
2 – Build memories that last a lifetime
3 – Interact with others, rather than cyber chatting
4 – A break will keep you sane
5 – Life is way to short to have a routine!


Break The Routine #MomentoNescafe

– Recipe NESCAFE Clasico Affogato –

1. Boil a 6 oz of hot water then add one teaspoon of coffee.

2. Add 1 scoop of vanilla Häagen-Dazs ice cream or for a Mocha Affogato add 1 scoop of chocolate Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

& It was that easy!

Break The Routine #MomentoNescafe

Breaking the routine is a must for everyone whether you use one of my reasons or make one of your own. I plan on breaking my routine today and enjoying a Affogato while I watch TV and unwind from a busy week of work. I would love to know how you break from your routine, leave me a comment.


Break The Routine #MomentoNescafe

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