How To: Get Granny Hair

Nothing To Disclosure. #GrannyHair

How To: Get #GrannyHair

Hey Ladies,

Granny hair seems to be all the rage lately. People even wonder why would someone want to look old? Well in all honesty I don’t want to look old, but I love the trend. Seriously take some time to search #GrannyHair through your favorite social media channel and you will see it’s not a bad look at all.

Before even considering going gray there is something to think about and that is money and commitment. This is a very high maintenance trend and it will make your wallet suffer believe me. From the first stylist to the last I visited, they all warned me about the maintenance it require and damage it would cost to my hair. Needless to say I didn’t let their warnings stop me from obtaining the #GrannyHair I was lusting over.

Before getting started I want to warn you this will automatically damage your hair, the end. To get #GrannyHair without any brassy tones it requires a lot of bleach and when i say a lot I mean A LOT. At the end of the process your hair would have suffer a good amount of damage. So before taking this lightly sleep on it for a few days! Once your positive this a trend you want, then proceed.

How To: Get #GrannyHair

(Before&After – Session 1)

The first stylist I visited is from The Hair Studio, and you can find all her info in this post. As soon as I arrived to my appointment with Angie I told her what I had in mind, and she frankly told me it couldn’t be done in one session. In order to achieve #GrannyHair I had to bring my hair to a level 10, and being a brunette that couldn’t be done in one seating. One advantage I had from the beginning is that I had virgin hair, and she did point that out. If I would of had any box color in my hair this trend wouldn’t even be an option, keep that in mind ladies. Angie did such an amazing job at keeping my hair integrity at it’s best!

How To: Get #GrannyHair

(Before&After – Session 2)

A few weeks after I decided I couldn’t go on with the rooty trend as it wasn’t something I felt comfortable in. Since Angie was out of town during this time I found another local stylist from Bailey’s Hair Design who could help my situation. Erika was a sweetheart from the start and she walked me through every step to insure I was completely satisfied. During this session we lighten my base and added highlights throughout all of my hair to give it more dimension. If #GrannyHair is what you are after I highlight recommend you don’t add color to your base. This is a step I later regretted as it made my process to #GrannyHair even longer. Erika also did everything she could to help me keep my hair integrity.

How To: Get #GrannyHair

(Before&After – Session 3)

Two months later I made an appointment with my previous stylist Erika to finally have #GrannyHair as I felt my hair was ready. As my appointment was approaching I was chatting with Erika from Notes From My Dressing Table regarding my worries about my stylist. I knew Erika would do her best to keep my hair integrity but I was unsure if she knew the process. At the end I still went in to my appointment but to surprise Erika didn’t know the process. Ladies please learn from my mistake and visit someone who has experience with funky colors. Both your wallet and hair will thank me later, as I also later learned. The integrity of my hair was still manageable so I had one more shot at obtaining #GrannyHair or else this trend wouldn’t be an option for me.

How To: Get #GrannyHair

(Before&After – Session 4)

Days after I had a consultation with Mahri from Salon Madrid whom I was confident could help me achieve the trend I was after. From the start I knew Mahri knew what she was doing and talking about. She warned me just like Angie that this #GrannyHair I was after required maintenance and work at home. Mahri also said that if I was going to make this final step I would have to be at the salon at the latest every 8 weeks, and keep this trend for 6 months. Been so excited I went ahead and reassure her this was what I wanted and book my appointment.

I really appreciate how Mahri walked me through the process before and during my appointment. It helped me stay calmed through the long 5.5 hours I was seating at her chair. Everywhere I go I have at least one person compliment my hair, and it’s all due to her work. I never thought I would say this but I won’t let anyone else touch my hair while she is within reasonable distance.

How To: Get #GrannyHair

I highly recommend you visit a hair stylist if #GrannyHair is something you look forward to. There is endless tutorials on blogs and youtube teaching you step by step how you can obtain the trend at home, but I don’t recommend it. Even the best stylist have hard times achieving #GrannyHair which means the odds of doing it at home with great results are minimal. Keep in mind hair integrity is an important aspect as it will help your hair look stunning or a hot mess. If you decide this hair trend is for you then go for it and rock it! In the future I hope to be able to film the process and share it with you all. Until then I hope you were able to find this post helpful and found the information you were seeking.

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