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Hi, I’m Betzy Cuellar a 23 year-old blogger with a passion for beauty, fitness, crafting, and lifestyle. Born and raised in Mexicali, Baja California but I currently reside in California.




This blog started as Betzy’s Makeup and was created on November, 2010. To help me express my enthusiasm for beauty, nails, and writing. Ever since this blog has taken a role in my life were I spend hours a day drafting future content. Due to being the Editor behind Betzy’s Makeup I have been able to work with fantastic brands which include but are not limited to Neutrogena, Tresemme, L’Oreal Paris, Urban Decay, Covergirl, Jergens, Aveeno Active Natural, Johnson&Johnson, Nuance, ELF, City Color Cosmetics, Target, Clinique, Walmart, LANEIGE, Herdez, and many more.

I love partnering with agencies on sponsored content in any way that can be authentically shared with my readers. In addition to my work on My Latina Journey, I also have a full time job and go to school.

For product reviews, collaborations and general business inquiries, please email at info@mylatinajourney.com

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As an immigrant I know there is endless opportunities for both citizens and residents in this country. Being originally from Mexico I appreciate the opportunity to live in a country filled with possibilities. I happen to be the first and only member of my instant family to reside in the United States. Without doubt the first couple of years were tough. I currently live my with husband and fur-baby in Southern California and we are always enjoying our surroundings.

At the moment I’m currently in the process of returning to college to pursue a career. Couple of years ago I could of only dreamed of doing so. It would be an absolute dream to major in either Marketing or Engineering we shall see what the future holds. I want to thank both my husband and family for supporting this new journey in my life.

I’m a wife, fur-mommy, daughter, blogger, worker and everything else that defines a women. Which happens to be one of the reasons why Betzy’s Makeup took a turn. It transitioned from a beauty based blog to everything that shapes a women. Now “My Latina Journey” is a blog where you can find traditional Mexican recipes with a modern twist. Along with inspiration for active lifestyles, dreams of an immigrant and of course beauty content.

Despite having the opportunity to try a wide variety of brands and products I’m not an expert by any means. Nor do I believe on spending extra cash for quality. Basically I take pleasure in sharing what has worked for me in the past. Also anything I may find interesting along the way. In other words I’m an ordinary women who loves beauty, fitness, crafting, and trying new trends. One day you might see me as a brunette next time I’ll have a vivid hair color. I’m a firm believer in trying new things in life. I hope you stick around and see what the future holds.